"Education Comes First"


It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.


Organize, encourage and educate one family at a time.

Join forces with like minded people. Together we are better.


Providing financial assistance through advocacy, fundraising, and economic development that strengthens and serve the public greater good.

Dedicated to leveraging, education, research, and services to the benefit of enriching the quality of community life.

Mission + Vision

Community Economic Development


No one person or group can do this alone. We must work together in unity and act as one voice in our community for our greatest assets-our kids. Join forces with us and protect our national interest-our kid's educational future. 

Buying local really does make a difference.

"One dollar will circulate 7 to 9 times in the local economy before it reaches the national economy."

Supporting this initiative really does make a difference.

This dollar and the taxes base associated with its purchase will help support local community services and local businesses.

The back bone to our national economy is local businesses and the people they employ every day.